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Last Minute Holiday Ideas To Keep Your Season Sane

Need something quick for a Holiday Exchange?  Would you like to stop by the neighbors to say hello and drop off a thoughtful and tasty gift?  Want to offer a small treat to thank your co-workers? In need of a quick host or hostess gift?

Here are some ideas I gathered. Cheers!

Holiday Rum and Coke Gift Idea
Rum and Coke! This cost me about $20 and that includes our Washington state liquor tax.

Bring Holiday Cheer!

Boozy Holiday Gift Ideas
Wine and beer are gifts that can make a party festive and fun!

A little booze can be a great ice-breaker for the season. Dress up bottles for a quick gift idea to add something special under the tree or to take to a party.  Please check out my alcohol themed ideas to get the holidays started.

Bark, The Herald Angels Sing! Fa La La La etc...

Holiday Bark Ideas
Holiday bark is a quick and easy treat to give to your friends and family.

The trick to making bark is to not make them too thick. They break easier and are less "fudgie" tasting. You also need to watch when you are melting white chocolate, because it melts at a different time and temperature than dark chocolate.  Here is a link about how to melt white chocolate that you can read before trying these recipes that have a bigger bark than their bite.

Quick Ideas for the Host or Hostess

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Hostess
Keeping things simple is smart when hosting during the holidays.

Holiday are a busy time and calendars fill up fast with all the parties and get-togethers.  Here are some ideas for appetizers and gifts that are easy to make, so you don't show up empty-handed.

Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Mason Jar Gift Ideas
Mason jars are a pretty way to present gifts to all your Jar Heads.

Homemade gifts can be put in a mason jar or recycled glass to look nostalgic and crafty.  Every year, my mom makes sugar nuts, she can just put them in a jar, tie a ribbon tied around it - and call it good.  You can also make caramel sauce, which is nice to have on hand.  Warm caramel sauce can be drizzled over pancakes or poffertjes (Dutch pancakes) to please kiddos on Christmas morning. Get gift ideas that you can put a lid on.

It's Starting to Look like Christmas!

Quick and Easy Holiday Decor
Simple ideas can add a festive flair.

I love the holidays, but my job keeps me busy and I have to keep my decorating and shopping to a minimum.  Next time you are at the grocery store, pick up holly, cinnamon and other ingredients to make your home festive and smell nice.

Let's Wrap It Up!

Simple Packaging Ideas for the Holidays
Items found in nature are an inexpensive resource to make environmental friendly packaging.

Why do mummies like Christmas so much?  Because it is all about the wrapping.  I tend to love the wrapping more than the gifts, however, as the season carries on, wrapping gifts can start to feel overwhelming.  Don't get too wrapped up and keep it simple.  Here are some quick and easy ideas to wrap the season up!

Dear readers, please send me your ideas on ways to keep the holidays sane and simple.

Happy Holidays!


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